Biscuit wants to play

I can read! Biscuit wants to play

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Biscuit wants to play with two kittens. However, the kittens are too busy to notice him. But when the kittens need help, it's Biscuit to the rescue! Woof! Woof!


to want: vouloir

to play: jouer

kittens: les châtons

to need help: avoir besoin d'aide

butterfly: papillon

to run: courir

to jump: sauter

tree: un arbre

to see: voir

basket: un panier


Who is Biscuit? Biscuit is a dog.

What is in the basket? In the basket, there are two kittens.

What does Biscuit want to do? Biscuit wants to play with two kittens.

Who needs help? The kittens need help.

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